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The Chamber Practice through its team of Lawyers, Advocates and Solicitors provides end-to-end services for all kinds of legal matters beyond borders. Services include:

The Chamber Practice provides for Legal Consultation to clientele that include affected persons, legal representatives, lawyers and counsel for issues in question. Consultations may include a singular one-time consultation for an issue that may precede legal notices, communications, conciliation, legal representation and/or litigation. Consultations may also be contractual in form and for a limited period of time, issue resolution or litigation as the case may be.

The Chamber Practice tackles Litigations that include Civil, Criminal, Domestic Court, Consumer Forum, Tribunals, Commissions, Bureau of Immigration, Cooperative Courts, etc., in India and at equivalent fora through legal associates beyond borders, across the world.

This includes drafting of plaints, defences, written statements, written arguments and replies for judicial processes, consumer forum, legislature, elected representatives, MLAs, MPs and the State. 

Examples include: A draft of a written argument for a consumer in a consumer forum; A draft of a letter to an MLA or A draft of a notice to a partner in a firm for dissolution.

Written notices, complaints, rejoinders, replies to cooperative housing society committees, to goods and service providers, professional service providers, industry leaders, even the media. 

Examples include: A legal notice to a licensee for damage to property and compensation for the same; A legal representation to the High Court or Supreme Court to initiate suo motu action in an issue of public interest; a legal communication to a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly on behalf of an affected group for legislative representation or a legal communication to a minister or councillor over a strategic issue affecting a group or singular resident.

The Chamber Practice provides Due Diligence services that include quality checks and background investigation for financial institutions, realty investors, home buyers, employers and others. Due Diligence includes the generation of Nil Encumbrance Certificates for potential property investors and buyers; background checks of employees and their past employment briefs and claims; investigation into titles of properties to be dealt with, financed or purchased and checks into past marital status, criminal records and litigation history across the world.

The Chamber Practice provides for conciliation processes to clients and legal solutions by adopting simpler, structured conciliation services to eliminate lengthy procedural wrangles, extraneous costs and legalese. In India, The Chamber Practice, through a network of Law on Wheels and Legal Aid In Rural India (LARI) provides for free legal aid and conciliation services to willing parties through a range of programmes. 

Examples include: A cooperative housing society could avail the services of The Chamber Practice to resolve recurring issues of nuisance, non-payment of dues, harassment and others through a mutually-agreed upon Conciliation Services that solves issues by tackling issues by law and without availing the expenses, losing the time and patience in formal legal processes.

Clients keen on a contractual representation may avail the services of The Chamber Practice for a limited assignment. 

Examples include: A wife may wish to put forth her claims through a legal counsel only for the purpose of oral arguments in a family court and could avail our services for the same, albeit, a limited period. The representation here, in this case, will be limited and bound by time and process. 

Legal communication, drafts and petitions are incomplete without pertinent, updated precedents. The Chamber Practice provides detailed precedents to support or rebut legal claims from consumer fora, beyond borders. Clients include lawyers, law firms and advocates who need to bolster their petitions with pertinent precedents to back their briefs and petitioners or respondents engaged in judicial processes keen on supporting their claims or counterclaims with judicial precedents. 

Examples include: A lawyer keen on supplementing his client's brief or claim for redress following a medical negligence issue could commission The Chamber Practice for precedents in, say a pertinent zone in India, say a couple in Karnataka and a few in the Supreme Court, complete with judgements, to help support his claim.

This is a service provided by The Chamber Practice for lawyers, solicitors, academia, legal experts and industry players where a judgement or a ruling passed by a High Court or Supreme Court is analysed and broken down, paragraph by paragraph, to discern the Ratio Decidedi from the Obiter Dicta and identity the 'binding' precedent and its value. 

Examples include: A passing comment in a judgement on rape could cause ripples across the media but may be completely irrelevant Obiter Dicta and/or not permitted for reportage and could invite censure rebuke or contempt proceedings. While this makes news, the actual reason for the decision 'Ratio Decidendi' may be lost in the process. The analysis is aimed to fulfill that niche need.

The Chamber Practice generates expert legal commentaries on regular occasions for the media, judicial circles and legislatures in India and across the world. Commentaries and expert opinions on key issues can commissioned directly from The Chamber Practice and availed through distance, online and in-person consultations. The commentaries, published works, and expert opinions may be produced as exhibits to support or expand upon legal arguments and positions in law.

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