The Chamber Conversations

The Chamber Conversations (TCC) analyse key contemporary issues of Law, Judgements, Rulings and Commentaries. During these Conversations, the issues are analysed legally, term by term, nuance by nuance, to enhance understanding, interpretation and critical application. These are widely attended by Legal ProfessionalsLaw EducatorsLaw Students and select members of the general public from Beyond Borders.

Initiated by The Chamber Practice of Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker - the legal arm of global think tank DraftCraft International since 2001, The Chamber Conversations were earlier held solely for Legal Professionals, Practicing Lawyers, Solicitors and Law Educators. However, starting 26 January 2021, the Conversations were made available to Law Students and members of the public too. The Chamber Conversations are curated by Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker.

MODE: The Chamber Conversations are now being conducted Online for participants across the world and In Person for participants at physical venues across India but only on prior registration and confirmation.

DATE: Multiple Sessions Every Month

TIME: Online: 4 AM-6 AM | 8 AM-10 AM | 12 PM-2 PM | 4 PM-6 PM | 8 PM-10 PM | 12 AM-2 AM (UTC Time)

TIME: In Person: As Decided

FOCUS: Every month, a strategic legal issue from across the world is analysed at length by The Chamber Practice of Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker and tackled through The Chamber Conversations where Legal Professionals, Law Educators, Law Students and select members of the general public partake.

Click here to view details of the upcoming sessions of The Chamber Conversations.

FEE: USD 50 (For Students) | USD 100 (For Others)

On key topics, in rural zones and for targeted stakeholders, The Chamber Conversations may be held at no cost, as part of The Chamber Practice's free Legal Aid service organised in conjunction with DraftCraft International's The Pro Bono Publico Project. Lawyers and law students may join in to volunteer for Legal Aid sessions. Contact for details.

Step 1: Fill the Registration Form below or click here.
Step 2: You will be contacted within 24 hours of submission of the form.
Step 3: Registration for the said Conversation will be confirmed, conditional to spot availability, and after fee payment (if applicable).

The meeting details will be shared with confirmed participants an hour before the scheduled Conversation.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 72 hours before the scheduled Conversation or as mentioned in the specific event details 

Seats for a Conversation are limited. Participation is strictly By Invitation and On RSVP only. Right to Admission is reserved.

NOTE: Legal Professionals, Practicing Lawyers and Law Educators may request for an exclusive session of The Chamber Conversations on a topical legal issue. Additionally, you may request for an exclusive session on the topic designated for the month or a key legal issue of choice, for your institute or organisation, on a specific day/time, conditional to feasibility. Inquire for special charges that may apply.

OUTCOME: The findings of a Conversation are published across DraftCraft International's fora; The Chamber Practice; popularised through Media Partner The Draft and reproduced across media portals and in academic circles worldwide. For select key Conversations, a Letter of Participation is given to the participant*.

> Participants are strictly prohibited from recording, replicating or relaying any portion of the interaction (audio, video or photographic) of and during the sessions
> Participants are allowed to take ONLY hand-written notes during the sessions. Audio/video recording of the lecture or discussion is strictly prohibited
> During the sessions, if mandated, the participants' camera (audio and video both) must stay on through the session

All the content generated, relayed or screened during the sessions is copyrighted and any violation will invite severe consequence and legal action. Any violation of the instructions given will lead to automatic and immediate discontinuation of the session for the said participant and legal action entirely at your cost.


ORGANISER: The Chamber Practice of Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker

CO-ORGANISER: DraftCraft Law Network

CO-ORGANISER: DraftCraft Institutes